About Us

img-7216-s.jpgKahi Ola Mau Farm has a rich history in the Big Island Hamakua district town of Honoka'a. Located mauka (towards Mauna Kea) from Honoka'a in an area known as Ahualoa, the 5 acres we call home was first purchased by the sugar plantation doctor sometime in the 1930s or 40s. We are the fourth resident and keeper of this beautiful property and have transformed it into a working farm. Husband and wife team, Mike and Rhonda, are the owners. We love dogs and have three fantastic pups that help us out on the farm: Kimo, Pepper, and Fluffy (aka Fluffberg) are the official greeters. Morty the Muscovy duck and his harem of chickens take care of pest control, and the hens give us fresh eggs daily.

img-7534-s.jpgWe have over 300 cacao trees, 1200 white pineapple, vanilla orchids, 40-something varieties of exotic/tropical fruit and avocado, coffee, native Hawaiian varieties of sugar cane (Ko-aki), and lots of other cool stuff. Our farm store operates under a Hawai'i County Agricultural-based Commercial Operation Certification where we sell Hawaiian-grown and value-added products in addition to our own farm products. 

If you are a chocolate lover (who isn't?), come join us for a tasting of chocolates from around the world starting in January 2018).  Book a tasting here on the Chocolate tastings page.